Man Behind the Curtain

Dimensions: 8' x 10' x 8'
Materials: vinyl screen, motor, metal ring, cut-out paper silhouettes, tape, colored lights

Much of my work and imagery is inspired by the form and function of Organic Life. Life is defined by it's movement- through change; growth; transformation. With the idea of Life as movement in mind I created a kinetic, six day transforming installation.

In a small blackened room a screen displays slowly swaying orgainic imagery. The screen stretches nearly across the width of the space with a black curtain around it. A gap is left along one edge of the curtain to compel the viewer to peek around it. If and when they do, they will find that a crude mechanism is what is generating the imagery seen on the front of the screen. The mechanism is a mobile of sorts, made up of cut-out paper silhouettes attached to a metal ring which is connected to a small motor installed on the ceiling. Colored lights are directed toward the cut-out imagery at different angles which cast changing, moving and ambiguous shadows as the motor slowly spins the paper silhouettes around. As the work is altered and transformed each day, so too, the viewers perception of it would alter and transform.


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