Nature of Reality

Dimensions: 12' x 14' (dimensions variable according to site)
Materials: Industrial shrink wrap, pine, cut-out paper & plastic, colored lights, osculating fan.

This piece is a large scale site specific installation set in a blackened room and made up of three illuminated walls of shadow forest imagery. The walls create a turning hallway (an extended liminal space) that the viewer ascends into. As the viewer moves through the passage way, it becomes increasingly narrow, pressing the walls and imagery up on the viewer and causing a feeling of closing in. This closing in forces one viewer at a time beyond a certain point, creating a more individual and subjective experience. It may also cause mixed feelings of apprehension and compulsion to continue moving into the space in order to reach the other side and the source of the imagery. Once through the passage, the space opens up and the viewer is able to see the whole picture... where what they thought they knew, is merely a constructed illusion.

Distinctions come from the contrast between one and other. In juxtaposing opposites it open up a space of co-existence, which is precisely what happens in transitional/liminal space. The borders are blurred and distinctions between one and other are obscured. This work sets up a liminal space where distinctions are both physically and psychologically blurred and though there is a deliberate disjunction within the materials and content- natural and artificial, light and darkness reality and illusion- there is also a blurring or suspension of boundaries as well. These juxtapositions inherently speak about the paradox between them, where a shift in consciousness opens up the possibility for transcendence.


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